Together, we can make a difference

I support the special needs community by fundraising for the miles I hike each year. My 2019 goal is to hike 300+ miles and raise $3+ per mile. With your help, I can raise money for Ability Tree First Coast who provides for the special needs community in Florida by offering Recreation, Education, Support, and Training.

You can make a one-time donation of any amount or use the chart below to determine a “per mile” gift amount. 100% of donations go directly to Ability Tree.  Learn more about Ability Tree at

AbilityTree_logo_2018_FC_horizontalDonate to Ability Tree

Sponsor Per-Mile Miles Hiked for Charity Total
$0.05 300 $15
$0.10 300 $30
$0.25 300 $75
$0.50 300 $150
$1 300 $300
$2 300 $600

2019 Hikes:
– Ocean to Lake Trail (63 miles / 100km)
– Florida Trail: Northern Region (267 miles)
Distance: 300+ Miles
Fundraising Goal: $3 per mile ($900)

AbilityTree_logo_2018_FC_horizontalDonate to Ability Tree