DIY Home Water Filter System

DIY Home Water Filter System – Water filtration is a huge thing while you’re backpacking, but what about at home? I recently found myself in need of turning our high-sulfur well water into drinkable, clean water. That’s what prompted this DIY water filter system for home! It’s great for use in off-grid or grid-down scenarios like Hurricane recovery and aftermath here in Florida.

Tools and Materials:
1. Food-safe Buckets (5gal)
2. Lids (also food grade)
3. Water Spigot
4. Filters (2pk)
5. Drill
6. Drill Bits:
3/8in Drill bit
5/8in Drill bit

BONUS ITEM: McCormick red food coloring (to test your filter)

Watch the red dye test

More Tips: You can also drill 4 holes if you would prefer to have four filters instead of two! It won’t make the water any cleaner, but it will filter faster. If you want to test your system, you can add the red food coloring to your dirty water and your clean water should come out completely clear! DO NOT use any other red food coloring than the one listed – it may clog your filters.


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