2021 Charity Hike: 40lbs of Hope

This year’s “charity” hike will take on a different form. I’m not fundraising per-mile, I’m trying to spread a little hope and, at the same time, complete my first long-distance thruhike. I’ve hiked the Ocean to Lake Trail (63 miles), but this year I’m hiking America’s original long distance hiking trail: The Long Trail in Vermont.

I’m hiking The Long Trail – my first long-distance thruhike!

That hope I mentioned? I’m planning to put a bible in every shelter possible along the length of the Long Trail! Don’t worry, these bibles are waterproof so they are LNT friendly and, if we are being honest, books shouldn’t ruin your outdoor experience when placed in a shelter. I’ve seen mini-library supplies in some shelters.

As I traverse the trail and resupply, I’ll pick up bibles and place them in shelters along the way adding about 40lbs to my pack over the course of the hike. Check out the video below for the full story!

It’s time for another #hikewithheart – can’t wait to check out the Green Mountains and the Long Trail!


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